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"One easily forgets that Music is not culture, religion or science, esthetic or emotional outburst. Music is one of the Ways leading to Great Knowledge which isn’t divided into different categories as culture, religion, science and the like, but comprises them all. Music is always Revelation which never can be received from outside but always is felt from within. The Music is the Art to be a Human Being (not “human being” in usual sense). Thus Art is to have power over the Thought, Creative Thought, and then it is not the question about so called “musical thoughts”, the existence of which at all is a very doubtful question. This Thought is not the intellect which only serves as a tool and therefore intellect should not be overestimated as also with bad tools one can reach the impossible. This Thought is rather a Sense, Greater Awareness, World of Idea (ideas rule the world - Platoon). To be able to control this Sphere is not privilege of the chosen but general responsibility."  


"Art is Understanding, Clarity of Vision, the ability to see beyond tones, lines and colours, the ability to see something that cannot be explained with such feable means. A Musician's mission is to show Higher Ways, as live is empty without Higher Spheres. The Musician is the one who comes with the message of Higher Live."  


"I believe in a Genius deeply sleeping in everything. Even in stones which are more human than human beings, even in people who are more petrified than stones."


"One paves the way to faith by indicating limits of knowledge, as Kant should say. We say something else: Knowledge is unlimited Faith, Faith is unlimited Knowledge."


L.Lindgren, from "The Music. Ad Calendas Graecas”